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Welcome to the Lipizzan Association of North America's Registry.

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Welcome to the Pedigree Database of the Lipizzan Association of North America. Full access to this database is a free benefit of membership in L.A.N.A. We hope you will find this research tool both fun and informative. Please let us know your comments and suggestions at

This L.A.N.A. Pedigree Database contains about 5,000 Lipizzans. There is a box labelled SEARCH REGISTRY HERE. Type in a name that you wish to research, and all Lipizzans whose name contains that word/words will appear on the screen. Choose the one in which you are interested and that horse's 4-generation pedigree will appear. You may then highlight any name within that pedigree to see the 4-generation pedigree of that horse, on back to the original foundation horses. At the bottom of each pedigree page you will see listed the offspring of the horse.

The Lipizzan Association of North America's full website includes information on classical dressage, contact information for Lipizzan breeders, photos of Lipizzans, the history of the Lipizzan, links to the Spanish Riding School & Piber Studfarm, and gift items featuring Lipizzans. We hope you will visit your website and continue to submit photos and articles of interest to the group.

Thank you
--- Dr. Delphi Toth, LANA website coordinator